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About Ethan VanMarter

If you are looking for more information about Ethan VanMarter than you have come to the right place.  My name is Ethan and I have been through a long journey in life  Growing up I loved to party, have fun and go places with all of my friends.  Although I am still young, I have the mind of a mature adult who has seen it all.  I am very business oriented and love every aspect of business.  Throughout the past few years I have devoted myself into a lot of reading and have been working on developing myself as a person.  Many of my friends from the past who come across me now see how much of a change I have made and this is all because of my commitment to becoming the best Ethan VanMarter I could possibly become.

Growing up in New York for the majority of my life, I have learned a lot that has turned me into the man I am today.  If you grew up in New York, you understand how tough it is and how many decisions you have to make each and every day especially as a young man in order to stay on the right path.  Everything I have had to go through in life til this day has made me the strong man that I am today.

What is Ethan Van Marter up to today?

Who is Ethan Van Marter
Ethan VanMarter shooting Pool

After attending college and graduating, many things started to take off. I have been able to move out of New York all the way to San Diego, California and start the career I have been searching for.  I have been able to do many things on my own in my life and this is one that I am very proud of. I stepped outside of my comfort zone and dropped everything I had in New York to move to California because I just simply wanted much more out of life.  Throughout the past few years I have been educating many people around me on how to say on the right path and what to do in order to achieve the many goals they have. I have become a strong voice for many people from back home because I never want others to have to struggle like I did growing up.

What Does Ethan want for Everyone Reading This

The day I leave this earth, I want everyone to remember Ethan Van Marter as someone who changed their life and really touched them.  I want people to be able to relate to me and say if he did it why can’t I!?  I want everyone back home form New York to become someone and one day fullfill their goals in life.  I want my children to carry on the legacy I will leave behind and also take full advantage and become someone one day.

I really hope if you found this website that you came here with good intentions.  I know many people may not know who I am but if there is one thing to take from this article, understand I am someone who put my nose down and went after everything I wanted in life.  There may have been some speed bumps along the way but that happens with everyone.  It is all about what you do to get past those bumps.

My name is Ethan VanMarter and I really hope I encouraged someone out there to make a difference.