Where did Ethan Van Marter Come From

Looking for Ethan Van Marter?

All About Ethan Van Marter
All About Ethan Van Marter

If you are searching for Ethan Van Marter than this is the place for you.  Many people know Ethan but no one really knows who he truly is…until now.  Ethan is a kind and caring person who goes out of his way to make sure he helps as many people as possible. If you have not read about Ethan VanMarter and if this is your first time, you will want to sit back and enjoy what you are about to read about an amazing person.  No, I am not Ethan but I have known Ethan for many years and he has given me the ability to write this page on his website because of the friendship we have together.  Ethan has really helped me in many ways become a better person.  I wish to remain anonymous because of my past but I do want to say that Ethan never gave up on me.  It is because of this man that I am happily married, have two beautiful children and have a Master’s Degree in Engineering.

What Ethan VanMarter Has Done For Me

Ethan has helped me in so many ways become the man I am today.  Not too long ago my life was a mess and I did not know where I was going to end up.  It was because of this man that I ended up making something of myself.  Ethan and I attended school together ever since middle school and remained good friends as we went into college.  Whenever I needed someone to talk to Ethan was there.  Whenever I didn’t have anyone else to talk…Ethan was there.  There are not too many people I feel comfortable talking to about my personal problems however whenever something arises, I never think twice about calling my best friend.

Best friend’s are people who do not judge you about anything even if they do not agree with the things you do.  This is exactly why Ethan VanMarter is one of my closest friends.  He truly understand me and everything I have had to go through in my life to get to the point I am at today.

What Do You Think the Future Holds For Ethan Van Marter?

As far as the future goes, I think the future is very bright for him.  The reason I say that is simply because I do not believe anyone has had to deal with the controversy he has had to pull through from.  It is not easy being a young man from New York and Ethan proved that even in the worse scenarios anyone can make something of there life as long as they put their minds to it.  Excuses can be the death of many people..literally.  One thing Ethan taught me was to stop making excuses and start doing.  Ever since I can remember, I always was the one to put things off and make horrible decisions because I thought I knew everything.  If it were not for Ethan Van Marter, I do not know where I would be today simply because of all of the trouble I was getting into from an early age.